Agere Integrity Launches Application for Integrity Analysis on Esri’s Latest Technology

Agere Integrity launched the first module of the Agere Integrity Suite of applications for pipeline operators in January 2021. The application will allow operators to perform High Consequence Area (HCA) and Class Location Analysis on the latest Esri software. It is comprised of an extension to ArcGIS Pro and processing components in your ArcGIS Enterprise environment running on the latest ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing model.

Full details about the new app can be found at

Agere Integrity‚Äôs CEO Lianne Stewart explained that with server-side processing on the ArcGIS Enterprise server, the software is designed to scale, allowing operators to process thousands of miles of routes quickly.  Users can continue to work locally, while their projects are processes on the server.

The application is designed to run on the latest ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing model but is easily configured to work with your PODS or APDM data model while you migrate to the latest platform.

Central to the product is usability, which is accomplished with easy to configure templates to account for data gaps or to establish HCA and Class Location run scenarios that are most common for your system. Users are able to easily update the inputs to the system within a stored template or supporting data in the ArcGIS Enterprise system and re-run with just a few button clicks.

Again, those wishing to learn more about the new tool can do so at: