Scalable Analysis Performed on ESRI's Latest

Industry Standard Processing Options
ARCGIS Server Level Processing
Built On ARCGIS Pro & ARCGIS Pipeline Referencing

How it Works

  • Deploying Agere Integrity within your corporate environment provides the ultimate flexibility to work with your information.

  • Works within your existing Enterprise GIS asset management database.

  • Run your entire system and Agere Integrity will compute results on the server while you continue with your daily work.
  • Easily configure templates for HCA run scenarios that are most common for your system.

  • Update and re-run with a click of a button.

  • Update critical information currently missing from the Enterprise system with default values that are part of the run settings.

  • Quickly review each run in dashboards to determine if there are refinements to the settings that are necessary.

  • With intuitive reports, Agere Integrity can help you interpret the situations in the field for more effective management of your system.

  • The application stack stores runs with all settings for historical purposes.

Agere Integrity is a women-owned business formed in 2020 by industry professionals with the purpose of providing operators with software to manage their systems on the latest technology. The principals of Agere Integrity started working in the pipeline management industry in 2005 deploying and developing software to help operators ensure safety and reliability while being efficient and cost effective. Seeing a gap in the industry allowing operators to move to the latest technology available, Agere Integrity developed an intuitive solution that can be easily be deployed as part of an Enterprise management system.  

Agere Integrity will make the world a safer place by enabling pipeline operators to accurately determine areas on their system that require more attention. Agere Integrity will accomplish this by delivering products of the highest standard on the latest technology for the pipeline industry. We strive to provide solutions which address industry challenges that are easy to use and intuitive for the end user. 

Agere Integrity software is built on the latest Esri platform. It is comprised of an extension to ArcGIS Pro and processing components in your ArcGIS Server environment. With server-side processing, the solution can be scaled to process thousands of miles of routes with hundreds of dwellings – quickly, while you continue with your work locally. Agere Integrity is designed to run on the latest ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing model but is easily configured to work with your PODS or UPDM data model while you migrate to the latest platform. 


Agere Integrity has proudly been accepted into the Esri Partner Network with Silver designation, further enabling us to make our next gen solutions available to more customers, more rapidly.