Agere Integrity Handles Gathering Exceptions

Agere Integrity is now addressing the Gathering Rule exceptions for Type C lines within the application algorithm! In addition to having Support for Type A, B, C and R analysis to address (§192.8(a), (b), (c)), this release of the application includes functionality to address the Gathering exceptions as part of the Gathering Analysis module. Agere Integrity provides operators the ability to run Gathering Analysis in ArcGIS Pro as part of their Enterprise ArcGIS environment and store the results in their SDE database.

Agere HCA and Class Analysis – Support for Gathering Exceptions 49 CFR 192 (f):

  • Project option to generate exception segments on Type C gathering lines
  • Generate segments that meet the exception requirements in 49 CFR 192 (f)(1) and 49 CFR 192 (f)(2)
  • Generate segments that are not exempt (for visualization and reporting) requirements
  • Option to merge non-exempt segments based on user-entered distance (to eliminate short exempt ranges)