Agere Integrity Launches Support for ArcGIS Pro 3.0

Agere Integrity is now compatible with ArcGIS Pro 3.x, providing pipeline management industry operators with software to manage their systems on the latest Esri technology! The application’s new release comprises an extension that runs on ArcGIS Pro 3.x versions. Users can now take advantage of new functionality, including an enhanced ArcGIS Pro launch experience, map […]

Agere Integrity Launches Application for Integrity Analysis on Esri’s Latest Technology

Agere Integrity launched the first module of the Agere Integrity Suite of applications for pipeline operators in January 2021. The application will allow operators to perform High Consequence Area (HCA) and Class Location Analysis on the latest Esri software. It is comprised of an extension to ArcGIS Pro and processing components in your ArcGIS Enterprise […]